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Sunny Beach


Sunny Beach is the the most popular and largest resort on the Black Sea coast with average air temperature of 26 degrees during the summer. The beach line is over 10 km in length and in some places, it is more than 60 meters wide. The fine golden sand, the natural sand dunes and the gradually deepening sea bottom attract thousands of tourists from around the world. The sea water is with very low salinity that makes it very suitable for swimming, for children and for all kinds of water sports. Sunny Beach is a climatic spa with healing air. Scientific evidence shows that unique air currents form in the region between the sea and the nearby mountain gorge. Creating the natural phenomenon of the so- called Wind Rose, it helps to obtain a specific high ionization of the air which proves to have beneficial effects on bronchial asthma and other chronic liver diseases.

Old Town Nessebar


The ancient city with a thousand-year history is located on a small rocky peninsula, connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. Today, valuable monuments from the various eras of its existence have been preserved: monumental fortress walls, basilicas, Renaissance houses, windmills, narrow winding streets. The greatest treasure of the city are the churches. They were built during the different periods of the Middle Ages. Today, the old part of the city is an attractive place for romantic walks along the narrow cobbled streets and numerous shops offering handmade souvenirs - ceramic dishes, knitting, jewelry. Against the background of the wonderful ancient atmosphere, there is a unique opportunity for relaxation.

Khan’s Tent


To the North of the Sunny beach, high above the sea level, you will find this magnificent restaurant, called Khan’s tent - the place for entertainment, the place for masterpieces of culinary arts. The construction of the restaurant resembles the shape and size of the Bulgarian Khans tent. The place strikes with its shape, it looks like an Old Bulgarian tent, but bigger in size. Inside one can see the special Throne Hall with inscriptions that depict the traditions, the way of living and the history of the old Bulgarians. From its wonderful terraces you can also have wonderful view to Sunny beach, Nessebar and Saint Vlas. This unique place may offer you some wonderful time combined with various shows and nice music.

Action Aquapark


Action Aquapark is the perfect place for adults and children. It is a water thematic park situated in the western part of Sunny Beach Resort. It is the first water park in Bulgaria and proudly bears the name “Action” because there is no way to get bored here. Since 2003 Action Aquapark has come a long way and turned into the most distinguished attraction in Sunny beach and Nessebar are. You can basically find everything there - more than 30 water attractions, thematic bars and restaurants and all this is surrounded by beautiful tropical palm trees and Mediterranean shrubs. Wooden bridges cover the 330 feet long Lazy River, geysers and fountains surround the peaceful areas for sunbathing, walking and relaxation.

Sand Festival Burgas


In the Burgas Park “Ezero”, on an area of five decres, immediately next to the beach, every summer there is a city built of sand figures with different theme every year. Over 2500 tons of sand is used every year in order to build the fantastic models. The special lighting adds to the charm of the unique sand city in the evening. The sand sculptures festival welcome participants from around the world. Data on sand sculptures art dates as far back as Ancient Egypt. In present times it is even more popular with hundreds of competitions, organised throughout the world. Burgas is the proud host of the only sand festival of its kind on the Balkan Peninsula.

St. Anastasia Island


In the waters of the bay of Burgas is located the only inhabited island on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – Saint Anastasia. The island has emerged since the eruption of a volcano, and as a result of storms and sea waves, strange rock formations have appeared. St. Anastasia Island is shrouded in mystery, and it is telling hundreds of legends. In the past, when there was a monastery, pirates attacked the island. The reason was the golden treasure buried by a dead pirate. The monks locked themselves in the island church, and prayed to St. Anastasia to save them from the raids. She heard their prayers and sent a terrible storm that sank the pirate ship. Its remains were frozen near the coast of the island, where they can still be seen today.

Town Sozopol


Тhe city of Sozopol is located on a scenic bay along the southern Bulgarian coast. The cityis one of the oldest on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.. The romantic atmosphere of the city’s beautiful old town attracts visitors from all over the world. Two of Sozopol’s most attractive tourist destinations are the city’s archeological museum and art gallery. Many sports activities are possible at the city’s beaches, including jet-skiing, surfing, beach volleyball, boating, and fishing. The Ropotamo Nature Reserve is a short distance south of Sozopol, on the river of the same name. There, visitors may take riverboat trips to view the region’s rich assortment of birds and plant life.

Ravadinovo Castle


The complex is a tourist attraction with a cultural and historical orientation. Separate exhibitions of everyday life and culture on our lands from the most ancient times. Here the past becomes accessible to all senses thanks to the enjoyable attractions such as archery, Thracian ritual wine drinking from exquisite rhytons and phiales, pictures taken in traditional outfits from various eras, tours in a Thracian chariot, pony rides and a themed playground. In Love with Wind is a unique attraction not only for Bulgaria. It attracts the interest and admiration of both locals and foreigners. Feel the fairy comfort of a castle from the fairy tales and allow yourself get lost in its enchanting atmosphere.